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Los Angeles Custom Cake 

Custom Cake for a wedding in Los Angeles
"Where Your Story Transforms
  Artisanal Confections”   

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Your love story is as unique as your DNA - you have an untold mystery soon to be unfolded here ....

Let’s face it, half of the fray in this modern age is to catch your significant other; so it’s only rational to imagine that you want to shine on your special day and to be remembered like no others. At your celebration, it’s all about transforming your desires into an unforgettable and luxurious reality. 

At Sugar Alkymi, we listen to your story so we can curate an exceptional confection art to fit your unique event. 

Sugar Alkymi
Los Angeles Custom Cake
& Sugar Art Studio


AW Collection
Sugar Flowers and Custom Cake for a wedding in Los Angeles

Each Cake is purely created one occasion at a time & each should present the unique nature of your celebration.

Edible Art Cookies:

Hand Painted and Custom Decorated Sugar Cookies 

Qajar inspired
Los Angeles Top Cake Designer

Baked from scratch per batch order, using only the finest quality of organic ingredients. 


Sugar Alkymi

Los Angeles Custom Cake Art Available For Commission Worldwide 

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